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Good person.
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Gamemode Suggestion

Hello everyone, please submit a gamemode suggestion at https://lagmc.net/gamemode/

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You must always obey demands and consider advice given. The staff team is there to help the community and to maintain order. If this rule is not followed, the user will be warned. If you think a staff members judgement or actions were incorrect, please contact an Administrator or a Manager about your concerns.

1. Any users who harass other members will be BANNED. All decisions final.

2. Any use of improper language, such as swearing, racial slurs, insults towards other members, and content that is not considered as PG, is not tolerated.

3. Always treat other members with respect. We do not promote discouraging phrases or insults that could potentially come across as bullying either. If a user is caught violating this rule, they will be given a Warn + 7 Day Mute.

4. You cannot, under any circumstances, encourage anyone to commit or to think about the matter. If this case ever occurs, the user will be BANNED. All decisions are final.

5. No inappropriate names that include swear words or any sort of vulgar content. If the user does not obey this rule the first time, their account will be given a Warn + Kick telling the user to “Change their name”. If the user continues to use an inappropriate name, their account will be Banned.

6. No inappropriate profile pictures that can be offensive. If this rule is not followed, the user will be given a Warn + Kick and verbally told to change their profile picture by a staff member.)

7. Do not impersonate any staff members, YouTubers, and especially Lag . Impersonation is the act pretending to be another person, this is a practice of fraud.

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